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    • Since I have been incarcerated for a number of years, I noticed myself withdrawing and closing down with regard to interacting with others. The program with its creative cultural abilities has allowed me to learn how to work through unhealthy issue and become an active part of social group. The class has also taught me different ways to deal and cope with my emotions whether it is
      through writing or movement…

      Patricia | Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out participant 2001
    • I believe this type of workshop is an essential tool in self-awareness, which I think is the key to initiating any sort of change in one’s being. I had not a clue to my issues before the tragedy that brought me to prison. I was in enormous pain and had intense feelings of hopelessness. Through this workshop I’ve acquired tools that have enabled me to bring out that which has been within me all along; courage, trust, love, increased confidence, higher self-esteem, and the ability to follow through in making a responsible commitment…

      Deborah | Broward Correctional Institution, Inside Out Participant 1996
    • After twenty years of imprisonment I realize I have adapted coping behaviors that are unhealthy, and that would not benefit me in a free society. In preparation for my release I joined Inside Out. Though I was impressed as a member of the audience it does not come close to my gratitude at being a part of Inside Out and experiencing the workshop’s unique form of emotional therapy.

      Marilyn | Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out participant 2001
    • “…I walked into a group of people, of all races from many different backgrounds, who together had formed a family. I learned how to address my anger in positive ways. I learned how to lift my spirits by just changing the way I walked. Each exercise was a lesson on inner self and I was taught so may things without even realizing the lesson until it was pointed out to me….

      Kiki | Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out participant 2001
    • Inside Out has given me a healthy sense of body awareness
      and creativity through self-expression, which has resulted
      in an improved self image and higher self-esteem.

      Joyce | Broward Correctional Institution, Inside Out participant 1996
    • Drumming class taught me about some very interesting history and culture pertaining to Africa. When first offered this class I went kicking and screaming
      and now I’m sad that it’s over…. I learned to work as a part of a team to achieve a common goal. I also learned to try new things — you just might be surprised
      (yes I am). Drumming is definitely a great way to release energy in a positive constructive manner.

      Jethro | Broward Outreach Center, Male Drumming participant 2004
    • Inside Out (unknown to me) came at a time when I most needed a more positive channel to drive my unspoken wounds…. I have come to realize, one cannot change a lifetime of misgivings all in a single day. But making a decision to change, because it is best for one’s self is the first step to healing…. I have truly come a long way because of this program and I still have a long way to go.

      Sylvia | Broward Correctional Institution, Inside Out Participant 1996
    • I think our group creates together something that is beautiful. I’ve learned to build better relationships. There was a time when I did not care about anyone, and I did not need anyone. I’ve learned to re-evaluate my thinking and re-evaluate people……Relationships are important. I find that if there’s any discord of any sort, especially with those that you consider a friend and care about, you try to find a way to work it out and make it better.

      Debbie | Broward Correctional Institution, Inside Out Participant 1995, now released
    • Inside Out turned me around. It is a program that deserves praise in the highest form. We are women, wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. Our pain is our separation. Our group becomes a family of it’s own. We emotionally support one another and for some such as myself it is the only family we have. We are not the only ones benefiting from this class.

      Ruth | Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out participant 2001
    • During the four years that I was actively involved in this program as an inmate participant, I was afforded the opportunity and means by which to delve into my innermost being, thereby being able to begin to “patch up” the broken woman that I was and blossomed into the vital, courageous woman I am today.

      Isabelle | 6/8/01, former Inside Out Participant, now released
    • The program consists of music, poetry, dance, beats and rhythms. See people fail to remember that we have talents too. In the program even if you don’t want to participate you leave the group feeling energized and happy. I got a lot out of this program it gave me hope and a new outlook of art. I really think that this program helps the youth and teaches every single person who participates something so please keep funding this program.

      Anonymous | Girls Advocacy Project (GAP), Breaking Free participant 2006
    • Prison is a cold and hostile place, but the people in them are people: not all bad, but capable of doing bad things. None are beyond redemption. Some are redeemed and work on the inside to further their own and others’ redemption.”

      Anonymous | Bridging the Gap participant 2007
    • And in the midst of all the darkness, a light has been showered upon us,
      Reminding us that there are some who care, love, remember.
      Some who are more than willing to help, who don’t judge us by our past,
      But who we are…today.
      They come from the outside in and give from the inside out.
      They bring smiles, hugs, love, and support…

      Sarah | Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out Participant 2004
    • I believe that ArtSpring should continue coming to visit the girls in juvenile detention center because when I participate it helped me express my self and let out some stress through dancing and singing. It also helped me use my mind and it made me see that I do have hidden talents

      Anonymous | Girls Advocacy Project (GAP), Breaking Free participant 2006
    • They are angels in the true sense,
      Because with their determination, commitment, trust and admiration,
      They have helped rehabilitate, form, and make us who we are …today.
      They have blessed us with the true gift of freedom.
      They have believed, when every one else gave up.
      And for that we are forever grateful.

      Sarah | Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out Participant 2004
    • Last night’s performance and talk by ArtSpring was amazing. We were moved to both laughter and tears. Any stereotypes or misconceptions about women in prison were turned upside down and thrown out by the end of the evening. If ever anyone needed proof that the arts have the ability to effect change, your program is that proof. It is also proof that the creative spirit lives in each of us. No matter how submerged, that spirit comes to surface with any encouragement….

      Jack & Marsha Firestone | Firestone Family Foundation, Nov. 18, 2001
    • Prisoners are your neighbors, co-workers, friends, mothers, aunts and relatives – Anyone can make a mistake and become a prisoner in the blink of an eye.

      Anonymous | Bridging the Gap participant 2007
    • I pledge my continued commitment and that of my staff, to making your volunteer experience the best it can be. We appreciate the work ArtSpring has done in our institutions for the past decade. Grant funded projects like yours allow us to “do more with less.” I support inmate programs and appreciate your long standing commitment to the Florida Department of Corrections.

      Laura E. Bedard, Ph.D. | Deputy Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections,
      Aug. 25, 2005
    • I am currently detained in the juvenile detentions center, I have been here a long time and sometimes this place gets stressed and also depressed. It feels good when I can unwind and see something positive for a change. The ArtSpring program lets me appreciate the arts it lets me see that I can do something in life that’s productive.

      Anonymous | Girls Advocacy Project (GAP), Breaking Free participant 2005

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