Bridging the Gap – Writing Workshop

The objective of Bridging the Gap is to develop a published anthology of the writings of the women inmates participating in the Inside Out program that can be shared with girls participating in the Girls Advocacy Project (GAP) at Juvenile Detention Centers around the state. Bridging the Gap educates female juvenile offenders on the issues related to the criminal mistakes made by female adult inmates who are serving long sentences for their crimes. The purpose is to share experiences of the women inmates to help the girls reject unhealthy relationships, substance abuse and the temptation to become involved in future criminal activity. The majority of the incarcerated women involved in Bridging the Gap have participated in ArtSpring's ongoing Inside Out workshop since the program’s inception 12 years ago.

The first phase of the project was conducted at Broward Correctional Institution in 2006.

A documentary about the program was made possible through generous funding from The Annie E. Casey Foundation, with additional technical support provided by the Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign; please contact us to order a copy of the documentary.

The second phase at Homestead Correctional Institution concluded in April 2007.

Efforts are currently underway to secure funding to produce the anthology; one source will be ArtSpring's first major fundraiser in October 2007, in partnership with Women's Fund of Miami-Dade. ANY ONE OF US: WORDS FROM PRISON: MIAMI will bring writings by many Bridging the Gap and Inside Out participants, as well as  incarcerated women from across the country, to the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts in a theater production directed by ArtSpring Artistic Director Leslie Neal.



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Odalys, Homestead Correctional Institution, Inside Out Participant 2001

“ I believe that ArtSpring should continue coming to visit the girls in juvenile detention center because when I participate it helped me express my self and let out some stress through dancing and singing. It also helped me use my mind and it made me see that I do have hidden talents”

Girls Advocacy Project (GAP), Breaking Free participant 2006

“ Prisoners are your neighbors, co-workers, friends, mothers, aunts and relatives - Anyone can make a mistake and become a prisoner in the blink of an eye.”

Bridging the Gap participant 2007

“ Prison is a cold and hostile place, but the people in them are people: not all bad, but capable of doing bad things. None are beyond redemption. Some are redeemed and work on the inside to further their own and others' redemption.”

Bridging the Gap participant 2007





"Drumming class taught me about some very interesting history and culture pertaining to Africa. When first offered this class I went kicking and screaming and now I’m sad that it’s over…. I learned to work as a part of a team to achieve a common goal. I also learned to try new things (you just might be surprised (yes I am)). Drumming is definitely a great way to release energy in a positive constructive manner. … I have a great sense of accomplishment from Drumming. Partially from completion and learning different beats, but more deeply from the feelings before, during and after the music plays through me (& as a team). I think this is a great class on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Also on the cultural/community level in terms of dealing with interacting with others toward a common goal.”

Jethro, Broward Outreach Center, Male Drumming participant 2004  

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