"These classes serve as the cocoon that allows us to metamorphose from convicted felons to desirable neighbors"

The Art of Trust

Creativity and Healing in Women's Prison

"ArtSpring, a unique prison arts program that helps women connect to a creative, self-affirming space of inner freedom, often for the first time in their lives..."

Arts Based Workshops

Promote Self-Esteem and Understanding

  "...offering arts-based workshops to a diverse group of people within a community to promote respect, cooperation, and cultural understanding."

Nicole Patten

ArtSpring Executive Director

Nicole Patten is a Florida-licensed Certified Public Accountant.  Nicole is one of the original company members of ArtSpring and began assisting with the Inside Out program in 1995.

Leslie Neal

ArtSpring Founder, Artistic Director, and Board President

Leslie Neal, a nationally recognized choreographer and arts educator, began teaching Inside Out, an interdisciplinary arts program for incarcerated women, in 1994.

Janice Billie

ArtSpring Board Vice President

Janice Billie has been a Board Member since 2006.  Janice is a former participant of the Inside Out workshop and serves as an ambassador for the women served by ArtSpring.


helped restore

my humanity"